1-1 Coaching

Set goals, review progress, and see your photography flourish!


This unique mentorship is designed for wildlife photographers who want to challenge their perspectives and grow as artists. The 1-1 Coaching aims to provide you with the fundamental tools to build a consistent creative process to develop your own artistic identity. In other words, we are here to help you identify your goals for your wildlife photography and to help you achieve them. We can focus on everything from field strategies, to composition, to post-processing.

How it works

The 1-1 Coaching includes 6 one-hour virtual sessions over a 6 month period, so 1 session per month. The mentoring sessions will be done over Zoom, Skype or another program. 

Prior to your first session, we ask you to provide some background information on your level of experience, what you would like to gain from this coaching, whether you have any identified goals, and also 20 images so we can better understand your style and level of artistry.

Our first session is devoted to getting to know each other, providing feedback on your submitted portfolio, and identifying the goals and milestones for the coming months. We will also identify an immediate task for you to work on and submit prior to our second session.

During sessions two to five, we will provide you feedback and give you further tasks to advance towards your goals.

Session 6, the last session, will be an opportunity to review progress, provide additional feedback, and discuss your future goals. There may be an opportunity to share your progress on The Wildlife Collective's social media.

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$129 per session x 6 sessions

 10 percent is donated to conservation

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing your 1-1 Coaching sessions, we'll contact you with further instructions on how to book a time for your first session.

Can I purchase more than one 1-1 Coaching?

Absolutely! If at the end of your 6 sessions you find yourself in need of additional coaching, simply purchase the program again.